Once a tree is removed, a stump is typically left around 2-6 inches above grade. Leaving the stump is always an option, however stumps tend to look unpleasant or become a safety hazard and require removal. With our modern stump grinding equipment we can grind stumps 6" to 24" below grade to ensure complete removal of the stump.

Once a stump is removed a mound of grindings is left behind. This material is excellent mulch for gardens or beds, but clients have the option to request removal of these grindings at an additional cost. The stump area can be restored with black dirt and either seeded or sodded to make the area useful yard space.

Why People Choose Us To Grind/Remove Their Stumps:

- 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
- Efficient & Safe Services
- Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals 
- Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded 
- Quality Service and Highly Competitive Pricing 
- State-of-the-Art Equipment 
- Available 24/7 for Emergency Response

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